Ross’ Biography

Originally from a small mining town near Newcastle-upon-Tyne in North East England, Ross Adams is an actor and voiceover artist, best known for his work in British television comedies and dramas.

One of his earliest performances was that of a shepherd in a nativity play whilst at primary school. Unhappy with the lack of dialogue the shepherd role offered, and harbouring a burning ambition to play the role of Joseph, Ross decided to fill out his part on the day of the performance by doing a song and dance to entertain the Mum's and Dad's. His song choice was certainly different for a nativity play - but then again Ross likes to think that "I Should Be So Lucky" by Kylie Minogue was quite a visionary choice for such a young performer... Luckily the audience loved it, and enchanted by their applause, Ross decided this was something he wanted to pursue seriously as a career.

After leaving school Ross continued to train with various local youth theatre groups and eventually at the age of 18, he moved to Manchester to complete professional drama training at the University of Salford. Performing in the graduate showcase at The Royal Exchange, Manchester, Ross secured representation with a leading agent and has worked consistently ever since.

Whilst studying in Manchester, and after sending endlessly persistent begging letters, Ross was lucky enough to be given a job as a freelance runner in the drama department at Granada Television. He used his time there wisely, taking a particular interest in the process of how a television programme is made. He learned what each and every member of the production crew did, observed how the actors responded to direction, made cups of tea, learned how to read a call-sheet and filming schedule, made more cups of tea, learned all the industry terminology, made even more cups of tea, and most importantly he got to meet some of the UK's most highly regarded, award-winning producers and directors.

Eleventh Hour
Eleventh Hour
It was on his first job as a runner that Ross's hard work and persistence paid off and he was offered a small role alongside Patrick Stewart in the ITV Drama Premier - ELEVENTH HOUR for ITV1. More roles followed and soon Ross decided to leave the world of production to concentrate solely on his acting, although he remains a friend of the department at ITV Studios, having worked both behind and in front of the camera for amongst others; Kieran Roberts, Sita Williams, Andy Harries, Phil Collinson, Jeff Pope, Terry McDonough and David Blair.

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